About Eileen (& Joe)

Eileen Thompson has been in the world of entertainment for the whole of her life. Her father and mother were professional singers and her grandfather Will Cowling was a very well known Music Hall Ventriloquist.

It is from her grandfather, Will, that Eileen has inherited her talent as a Ventriloquist and Children’s Entertainer, appearing on TV at the age of 7 and over the years building a unique reputation in her profession.

Joe, the star of Eileen’s show, was used by Will over 100 years ago but he is as spruce and lively as ever in Eileen’s current presentation. Joe is joined by Nip the Dog, Daphne the Donkey, Little Ben and other special guests.

A star studded cast to bring joy, laughter, wonder and novelty to any group of children on any occasion.

Eileen is also a hard working volunteer radio presenter for Durham Hospitals Radio, based at The University Hospital of North Durham, providing much needed entertainment for the patients.

Celebrating Durham Hospitals Radio 60th Anniversary, August 24 2023. Image top: Eileen with Alfie Joey. Image bottom: Eileen with Steve Colman.

Her contributions to the radio station have been recognised by The Hospital Broadcasting Association with several national awards for her presenting skills.

At the National Hospital Radio Awards 2023 Eileen was awarded:
Silver best Female Presenter
Bronze Best Speech Package

The Treetops Show catch us every Friday @2pm

Get in touch with Eileen to discuss your event and apologies in advance if Joe joins in the conversation, he loves the limelight!